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14 May 2018

How do you define your voice and where it fits in todays market. The Voiceover world is uber precise and quick.


*Tip 1: Avoid places where you have to shout over noise to be heard.


*Tip 2: Sleep at least seven hours a night. A tired body is bad for your voice.


*Tip 3: Avoid whispering: it’s hard on your voice and strains your vocal cords 


*Tip 4: Develop short warm ups to improve diction, smileage and word speed.


*Tip 5: Keep hydrated throughout the day. Drink room temperature water with every meal and fill up a litre bottle and sip it periodically. It might seem like a lot of water… but if your wee is not the colour of mountain spring water chances are you are dehydrated!


*Tip 6: Learn to retract for up to 3 mins at a time - this will help you shout safely.


*Tip 7: Tune your ear to different radio programmes.


*Tip 8: Do the simple warm-ups such as gentle scales first thing every morning. 


*Tip 9: Your voice is an expressive tool so, when recording, practise grounding your feet firmly on the floor to feel connected to the space.


*Tip 10: Use small hand gestures to either side of the mic to create emotional expression.


*Tip 11: Keep half a headphone off your ear - this allows you to hear the space you are recording in.


*Tip 12: Never touch or adjust the microphone in a recording studio! Leave any movement of the very expensive equipment to the engineer.


I find this mnemonic very helpful!:

Pause to get rid of any anxiety and let the breath drop in gently three times

Establish a connection with the audience and script

Think about what you are saying and test the tone and timing 

Engage your energy, express with your body and thoughts to make the script believable



If you need a little extra personalized direction and want to make sure you are ready to cut a killer reel, Peter Warnock takes pride in focusing on your voice. If you are thinking about seriously making the right reel and want to build confidence and passion in your voice then these 5* workshops, are for you!

25th May: Assembling a Reel for Video Games

27th May: Audio Book and Radio Drama

29th - 30th May: Step Up to the Microphone