The Actors Centre

How do you make use of the Centre?

10 March 2017

The Actors Centre is “Wicked”!!

Hidden in the rabbit’s warren that is Covent Garden is an amazing resource for those actor types who wish to hone their skills, network and get advice. Members of this magical Centre not only have access to a plethora of master classes and workshops run by seasoned professionals ranging from actors, casting directors and acting coaches but they can also get access to premium central London real estate for their own artistic endeavors at a greatly discounted rate.

As a member who runs a regional Drama School, The Dorset School of Acting, having access to a central London venue at a good rate is an absolute must. We do have master classes from people like Mel Churcher at our Poole base but if it hadn’t have been for the Actors Centre we wouldn’t have been able to secure a time for our “Wicked” patron Rachel Tucker to run a master class for our lucky students whilst she was still performing at the Apollo Victoria in the evening. The Actors Centre are not only able to accommodate a member but they are also very accommodating by looking after Rachel and our students for the half-day session. It is really important not to overlook such a valuable resource in the heart of “Theatreland” and also to take advantage of the perks of your membership. The Green Room is the perfect place to meet up for a coffee and a chat and there is always a great of variety of shows playing at the Tristan Bates Theatre. You could also drop in to see if there are any spare places on classes that are running.

Having been a working actor I remember how isolated I felt in those periods of unemployment, when the only people I interacted with were my colleagues in my ‘day job’ and how desperate I was to have some ‘artistic’ company. If only I had been told how valuable a resource the Actors Centre was, maybe I would have found those periods of ‘in between jobs’ more bearable. Make sure you get the most from your membership, find classes that will help you keep your craft sharp so you are in readiness for the next job that comes along.

James Bowden - Principal of The Dorset School of Acting and Tutor at the Actors Centre

As well as being co-founder and principal of The Dorset School of Acting, James Bowden is a tutor at the Actors Centre running a workshop on his unique approach to creating truth ‘The Process- the secret to truthful acting’. For further information check out