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26 November 2015

Time to make a start

This is for anyone who has ever thought that they'd really like to try their hand at acting...

On the second Saturday morning of every month, I sit in a circle of people I have never met before: I.T managers, Human Resource advisors, students, yoga teachers, financiers, models and I ask each individual to tell the group why they've chosen to join the Get Into Acting course at the Actors Centre. The specific answers can vary wildly but there are nearly always common themes, “I always loved acting but my parents/teachers told me to get a good degree/job and now I feel unfulfilled”, “I can't not do it any more”, “I want to be more confident and I think acting will help”.

Most newcomers to acting have a very potent mix of excitement and terror – Am I good enough? What will I discover about myself? Will it even lead anywhere??

On the Get Into Acting course we begin gently to introduce the participants to themselves and their capabilities. This is sometimes easy for people, they find that their confidence in action is greater than they knew, but more often than not it is a time of doubt and uncertainty. However, this soon dissipates and the participants begin to grow in confidence as they realise everyone deserves to play and they begin to enjoy the craft of acting. Whether improvising or working on characters from plays, the rate at which the actors progress is usually remarkable. There is also a currency of honesty which arrives when they realise that acting is about revealing the truth and not pretending which allows them to become very truthful very quickly.

I hear lots of people saying that acting is too competitive and tough an industry to get into, but all I see at the end of every month (when the Get Into Acting course finishes) is a room full of would be actors who are re-energised and invigorated and (always) on fire for their newly discovered love.

I believe that whatever you'd like to do with your life, wherever you see yourself ending up, everyone can benefit from taking some form of acting class. The Get Into Acting course at the Actors Centre is a very good place to start.


Laurence Mitchell - Tutor of the Get Into Acting course at the Actors Centre

You can book your place onto the next Get Into Acting course in January - click here for details.