The Actors Centre


12 November 2018

Jacqueline Malcolm

Founder, Creative Platform Academy

We live in a very goal-driven world. It seems that everyone has a project that they’re working on whether for personal gain or for the ‘greater good’, and it seems that unless you’re trying to achieve something, you become less exciting, less appealing and less attractive.

We have more self-made millionaires under 30 years old than ever and the figures of those considered self-employed has risen 12% in the last decade. So when it seems that everyone around you is starting businesses, running social-awareness projects or becoming an influential voice on global issues, how do you stop yourself from becoming goal driven just to make sure you’re not left behind?

It’s good to have goals but how many times do we stop to consider what is the true motivation for those goals? What is actually driving us to achieve?

The Creative Platform Academy is a 5-stage process to help artists approach their careers as entrepreneurs. It gives very practical steps towards key tools needed to get you from waiting to be discovered, to working on a regular basis. We talk about topics such as, personal branding, setting your price and effective networking. And at the CPA Taster Workshop we begin with the most important thing of all – identifying what it is that you really want out of this life with Stage 1: Perfect Life Vs Personal Goals.