The Actors Centre


12 November 2018

Jacqueline Malcolm

Founder, Creative Platform Academy

“But I’m an artist!”

This is a sentence I’ve had repeated to me more times than I could possibly count. I know people who have even quit great paying jobs, siting this as the reason for their sudden departure. And if you’re reading this, there’s a high probability that you’ve said it yourself… possibly more than once!

And I get it!! Being an artist is so much more than just being great at being creative!! It’s way beyond an above average ability to ‘perform’ some creative task or endeavour. It goes beyond desire and surpasses passion. For some it’s your identifying mark. It’s your connection with the creative that gets you up in the mornings. It’s attached to your emotions and so, therefore, is attached to your breathing. It gives you your sense of belonging, of purpose, of destiny and you will stop at nothing to incorporate it into your everyday life, just as a swan wouldn’t find its full beauty and existence without water.

But there’s a problem. Not everyone feels the same and to survive you need cash – and seemingly lots of it. So, how do you find the balance between creating the art you want and still making a decent living so you can afford at the very least the most basic things in life?

Well… what if you changed your approach to your career by changing your inner dialogue? What if you weren’t just an artist? What if you were also an entrepreneur? A creative entrepreneur? Entrepreneurs are risk takers – so are you. They are dedicated – so are you. They work really hard at their craft – so do you. The similarities are endless between the entrepreneur and the artist, with just one major difference… entrepreneurs know how to make money!!

The Creative Platform Academy is a 5-stage process to help artists to approach their careers as entrepreneurs. It gives very practical steps towards key tools needed to get you from waiting to be discovered, to working on a regular basis. We talk about topics such as, personal branding, setting your price and effective networking. And at the CPA Taster Workshop we begin with the most important thing of all – identifying what it is that you really want out of this life with Stage 1: Perfect Life Vs Personal Goals.