The Actors Centre

Brits in LA

3 July 2015


There is no doubt about it. Brits in LA are as popular as a peanut butter and jelly sandwich is to an American. For those Brits who haven't tried it, it tastes surprisingly good. The sandwich that is. So I have been living in sunny Southern California for almost two years or SoCal as the locals call it.

As a British born in the entertainment industry, living in Hollywood, you are reminded of one thing every single day... you are here to work and work hard. I left my country, family, friends and tea which is not an easy decision for anyone. If you want it to be successful you will be aware of that and work... and hopefully it will never stop for you. That is what I had the pleasure of telling my Actors Centre students in my coaching sessions in January. Dream your dream big but work in a big way to get there.

This year we collaborated NewFilmmakers Los Angeles (where I serve on the board of directors and host). They represent international emerging talent of filmmakers.

We partnered with them for a special event with BritWeek; an organization set up by Producer legend Nigel Lythgoe and co-founded by former British Consulate Bob Pierce. It was an evening of hosting British/US related films. BritWeek is an organization that celebrates UK/US in business and entertainment and we featured as one of their 42 events in 10 days. Check them out:











Danny De Lillo - Actor and Tutor at the Actors Centre