The Actors Centre

Being a member

21 August 2015

...of the Actors Centre

Since graduating from Drama Centre last year, being a member of the Actors Centre has been a constant source of inspiration, guidance and encouragement for me.

Doing workshops with other actors has helped me stay focused and positive in what is a very difficult industry. I’ve been able to work creatively whilst also making new friends and new connections. The Actors Centre doesn’t just provide a space to do workshops either, but also offers a lovely coffee shop area in the heart of central London which is great for meeting up with colleagues and planning your next project. On top of that, The Tristan Bates Theatre is perfect for putting on your own work, so having that connection is also a massive bonus.

I’ve taken something away from all the classes I’ve done at the Actors Centre, but a class with Paul Clayton on audition technique particularly sticks in my mind. We were able to see what auditions were like from the ‘other-side-of-the-chair’, so to speak, which was really eye-opening. I stopped entering auditions like a terrified rabbit and tried instead to create a dialogue and conversation with the people auditioning me, and I’ve enjoyed the process far more since.

There’s also various groups that operate within the Actors Centre such as the Poetry Group, of which I’m a part, the Actors Centre Committee, who host fantastic events that bring everyone together, and the Actors Screen Collective, who I’ve had the pleasure of working with. All these present a different range opportunities so that as an Actors Centre member you can pursue the work that interests you. I really like poetry so being able to take part in recitals at the Actors Centre has been fantastic, and really improved by confidence when speaking poetry aloud.

I’ve been lucky enough to perform in a bunch of plays this summer and what’s nice about the Actors Centre is you can do the professional work when you’ve got it, but you know you’ll always have something to come back to where you can keep working as an artist after that next job ends. That’s a great safety net to have, and it’s one that I personally really appreciate.

George Johnston – Actor and member of the Actors Centre