The Actors Centre


24 September 2018

By Lisa Pescia LA Actor & Tutor

Have you ever popped out of whatever part you’re playing into some judgmental place in your head?  Do you find yourself arguing with other actors in rehearsal or having a chip on your shoulder when you go in to audition?  Ever feel stopped from taking actions that you know will build professional relationships and help move your career forward?


Attitude is how you feel about yourself as an artist and how you get along with others. You can be massively talented but a poor attitude is going to restrict how much of your genius gets out in the world. Those inner voices of doubt, of not being good enough, of worry, are self belief killers. 


But there’s good news!  You’re not alone. And, awareness is the first step toward change.   Here are some simple tips to get you started…

If those inner voices start filling your head, don’t engage with them, don’t argue with them…Just say “Thanks! I’m moving on now.”  And TAKE AN ACTION FORWARD.
Surround yourself with supportive friends, teachers, agents, etc.  Don’t hang out with people who are negative about you or themselves.  SEEK OUT THE POSITIVE VIEWPOINT.
Understand the material/ story you are telling so strongly that you can connect with your own authenticity in your choices. This will make your belief rock solid.  Walk away from the performance/ audition knowing you did your best.  LEAVE IT ALL IN THE ROOM and then go on to your next thing! And always remember to CELEBRATE YOUR SUCCESSES…no matter how big or small!


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