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Advice & Tips for Voiceover Acting

9 February 2018

Advice & Tips for Voiceover Acting from Actors Centre tutor Peter Warnock.

Some advice and tips for voiceover acting.

Every actor whatever your age needs to know their casting range, the genres they are most suited for and where your voice fits... be it on Stage, TV, Film, Commercial VO, Radio plays and the immense world of audio books and video games. 


*Tip 1: Your voice is virtually a musical instrument so treat your voice well and hydrate more.

*Tip 2: Great voice reel(s) are your personality in 7 to 9 movements.

*Tip 3: Every working actor, voice artist or singer has routines to stay vocally fit - do one thing every day to move forward!


It is too easy to say Casting directors have less time, auditions are now only 10 minutes long, that there is no time to prepare or that the voiceover world is sewn up.

It's not…

The VO world is a precision industry… the more flexible you are vocally, the more hireable you will be.


*Tip 4: Confidence is key to a great reel.

*Tip 5: Don’t rush and never ever cut any type of reel until you know there is a 30 % difference in pitch, pace, genre, tone and read styles between your scripts.


I direct actors vocally with precision and use a variety of useful techniques to help actors stay focused, sustain energy, be believable and not sound like they are reading.


*Tip 6: The microphone, camera and even lights are your friends - treat them like one them. 

*Tip 7: Practise reading something out loud everyday. 

*Tip 8: It is easy to be remembered for being nice not arrogant.

*Tip 9: Every actor today needs to re-invent themselves every two to three years. 

*Tip 10: Get an accent in your body first then find the pathway to discovering the shape of your mouth and the airflow needed for each accent.


I do think it’s ultimately important to practise a range of monologues. Thinking about this, I have come to realise all the reels I direct never have the same material on them. If I blogged my top 10 scripts, the sad factor is there would be a deluge of the same pieces going out - producers or casting directors who listen to them would just switch off!



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