The Actors Centre

A Voice for Voiceover

20 September 2018

So you've been told you have a decent 'Voice for Voiceover'*. Great. 

You’ve bought a microphone, plugged it in and are already making some recordings from your home-studio/wardrobe?  Even better.

Often and unfortunately, this is all for nothing.  

In my position I have witnessed thousands come and go in their first year of voiceover work.  The simple reason is that most fail to think of themselves as a fully-functioning multi-faceted business.  It is essential that you embrace the business, branding and marketing aspects of your career with as much passion and commitment as your vocal warmup routines and your recently developed obsession with your microphone.  You must set aside time to learn, develop and apply these skills in order to sustain a profitable voiceover career.  If you do not, it will only ever be a hobby.  Even if you have an agent and are sitting around waiting for the phone to ring, bear this in mind.  I know literally hundreds of VOs worldwide who have learnt to balance their skills (Vocal, Tech and Business) and who have created truly excellent VO careers that can often become the parallel career for the actor.  This regular income from flexible work is the holy grail for the actor.  

In our workshop THE BUSINESS OF VOICEOVER we will explore the key ingredients that will help you to create and sustain you career.  

*There is no such thing as a 'Voice for Voiceover' these days.