Where We Come From

Where We Come From

by Eva O'Hara 


5th & 6th September 



John Thaw Studio 


Part of our John Thaw Initiative Graduate Season 2019 



A proper peer into female pleasure.

I have always had a rocky relationship with how I view my vagina and its uses. I regarded my bits with shame and embarrassment. As I’ve grown older I have made a concerted effort to encourage my little sister to not have the same relationship with her body as I did. This play is an expression of that. I knew I wanted to explore the stigma surrounding female pleasure and the shame we are instructed to hold with it. It presents swift vignettes and an array of characters, all of which are created from personal experience or stories I have been told. It does not aim to teach or dictate, but merely present the struggles and triumphs of people with vaginas. - Eva O'Hara, writer of Where We Come From