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Scratch Night: Coalition

Scratch Night: Coalition

Scratch Night: Coalition

12th November 2019


Run Time: 1 hour 45 minutes


Maiden Speech is pleased to bring you Coalition: an evening of scratch performances by female-identifying artists that explore intersections of gender, sexuality and mental health. 

Hosted by Ashleigh Gray, Coalition brings together an exciting group of emerging creatives who are testing out new work that traverses a range of styles and themes. Join us for a selection of short plays and extracts that explore gender and sexuality in the context of mental health, family relationships, queer parenting, contraceptive issues and friendship.


The event will showcase:



Frankie and Alice are trying to have a baby. Alice is 32 and yearns to become a Mum. Frankie is 28 and just wants to make Alice happy. 

As the pair go through the strenuous and exhausting procedures available to them including IVF, sperm donation and adoption, the couple discover what is most important to them and what they are willing to sacrifice for one another. 

Mamas focuses on the subtle power shifts within relationships and the specific pressures that come with queer identity and motherhood, and what it means to challenge societies perceptions of a “gay” relationship.



Extracts from Chimera

Pam is losing a grip on her life and herself and evolving into a she-monster. Who or what is in control?

This is an extract of a longer piece exploring contraception, mental health, wellbeing, sexuality, and everything in between. Farah is currently developing Chimera for Fusion Theatre Festival 2020. She’s recently finished the Royal Court Writer’s Group and has just started Soho Writer’s Lab.



Extracts from Number Theory

‘Just because something’s imaginary doesn’t mean it isn’t real.’

‘Actually, in numerical terms, that’s exactly what it means.’

‘But I’m not a number, am I?’

It’s late. Evelyn has an important exam in the morning. Luckily, Stella is here to keep her company as confidant, distraction, friend and tormentor, just like she always has been – a companion since childhood, Stella is a reflection of Evelyn’s Generalised Anxiety Disorder. Using everything from a trip to the beach to mathematical infinity to Tchaikovsky’s violin concerto in D major, Number Theory explores the dependent, complex, self-destructive nature of mental health. 



Extract from ‘Waves’

A two-woman show about how the older generation of women in our families have reacted to the effects of feminism throughout the ages. We show how we, as their daughters, have experienced a ‘learning in silence’ meaning we have not been taught to feel liberated with our own bodies. We also question whether we, as queer women in today’s modern society, are as liberated as we think we are, what this liberation actually means and how this compares to the experiences of our mothers and grandmothers.



Don't Call Me Chicken Poo!

Maddie is sad. More than sad, and she’s worried that isn’t normal. She needs to talk.

Unfortunately for Maddie, amongst her group of friends, not one has reacted the way she had hoped. I mean how can you confide in a friend that starts calling you 'Chicken Poo' to make you feel better?

This short play humorously shows the struggle of telling your mates you’re depressed, and the different reactions, good and bad (mainly bad), that follow.

The piece is written and performed by Sophie Dessauer and Jessica Revell... and is definitely not based on real life friends...



Extract from ‘I Thought I Was White Until I Realised I Was Black’

This is a piece about hair and identity, literally up’root’ing embodied histories through three generations of mixed heritage. Set against the backdrop of black history, it explores the ideals of motherhood passed down from generation to generation.