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Ria And Bea

Ria And Bea

by Kate Roche and Amelia Landon 


16th - 18th September 



John Thaw Studio 


Part of our John Thaw Initiaitve Graduate Season 2019 



'I should be on my gap yah right now. Mum shouldn't be here either. She should be at BUPA.'

Ria is living lavish. Bea is living off chocolate and fags. Ria is supposed to be travelling Thailand with Daddy's credit card. Bea is exactly where she's supposed to be. They haven't seen each other since school. In the one place where it doesn't matter who you are or where you come from, Ria and Bea find themselves together again but it's not quite like your standard school reunion, there's no free cheap wine for a start..

An honest and darkly comic insight into the life of staff and patients inside an NHS hospital.