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John Thaw Initiative: Latin American Season

John Thaw Initiative: Latin American Season

22nd January - 9th April 2020

19:30 / 20:00

£7/ £5




The Actors Centre is delighted to announce the participants for the debut edition of its 2020 John Thaw Initiative: Latin American Season, curated by Untold Collectiv. From January – April, the season — which champions new writing in early-stage development — will present 23 work-in-progress productions led by artists of Latin American heritage.

The season stands as a testament to the Latinx community in the UK which spans over 20 countries and the line-up features a multiplicity of voices, including immigrant, British-Latinx, queer, Afro-Latinx, Hispanic, Lusphone, and other mixed Latin-American backgrounds.

Each show has been selected by Untold Collectiv — whose work is dedicated to amplifying underrepresented artists — and this season follows on from the launch of their Latinx Scratch Initiative in 2019, which seeks to increase visibility for Latinx artists within London theatre.


The John Thaw Latin American Season presents a celebration of Latin American voices and brings complex and nuanced socio-cultural, -political and –personal issues to the fore, through what will be an enthralling and electrifying season of Latinx art. The season runs from 22 January – 9 April and all shows are available to book here.


Links to Season Shows


22-23 : The Blind one & The Mad one

24-25 : Mad Girl's Love Song

27-29 : Qafaffi's Cook

30-31 : Rebels Atlas (The Map Is Not The Legacy)



01 : Rebels Atlas (The Map Is Not The Legacy)

03-05 : Raskolnikova

06-08 : Freddie

10-12 : La Gringa

13-15 : Point of no Return

19-20 : He wanted to be a Bird

21-22 : The Knife in a Backpack

26-28 : Cabaret Corsair

29 : The Crocodile's Neck



02-04 : Christmas All Over

05-07 : Antropofagia 

09-11 : He's not dead... yet

12-14 : Two Men in a Corner

18-19 : The Second Coming

20-21 : Playing Latinx

24-26 : Letters to my dead mother

27-28 : La Jana

30-31 : Journey of a Warlike Mind



01 : Journey of a Warlike Mind

02-04 : From Darkest Peru

08-09 : Temporary Suspension of Breath